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 10am - 8:00pm

 1:00pm - 6:00pm 
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     No experience?  Basic Handgun  - a 60 minute intro session can be scheduled for $80.00 plus cost of ammo.   Includes lane rental, gun rental, target, eye/ear protection, and one-on-one instructions.

Click on Classes tab for more info on classes, competition matches and training.

We are a family owned and operated business.  We have 2 - 75' Indoor Ranges - Pistol & Rifle.  Hunters/rifle shooters can sight in guns using info from ballistic chart that is available.   So stay out of the weather and sight in that rifle so that Big Buck isn't just a missed story - you'll have it hanging on the wall for all your friends to see.
Just like any other skill, becoming a proficient shooter requires practice.   Allow a professional instructor to help you become a better, safer, and more confident shooter. 
Lane rental for Pistol or Rifle Lanes - $15.00 an hour per person.
Up to two people sharing a lane - $22.00 an hour.
Combination Rifle & Pistol Lanes -
$22.00 an hour. (One shooter to shoot in both ranges.)
$30.00 an hour sharing. (Two people sharing lanes in both ranges.)
$10.00 an hour for handgun rentals plus ammo costs.

1. Range safety glasses, hearing protection & target are provided for each shooter.  
   Additional targets are $2 each or 3 for $5.
2.  No restriction on number of guns you can shoot.  Just bring out the number of guns at a time managed safely in your booth.
3.  Minimum age to go into ranges is 13 years old with parent or legal guardian or 21 years old without parent/guardian.
4.  No 44 MAG or 50 CAL pistols allowed.
5.  No shotguns allowed.
6.  300 WIN MAG or smaller rifles allowed. 
7.  Brass ammo only is shot in pistol range. (No steel or aluminum cases.)
Steel or brass ammo is allowed to be shot in rifle range.
8.  No personal reloaded ammo to be used.  
9. You can shoot your own manufactored ammo in your own gun or we have reasonable priced ammo available.  
10. Our ammo must be purchased and shot in rental guns.  And you must be able to demonstrate safe gun handling skills & operations of the gun in order to rent a gun. 

We accept:  Visa,
                 Master Card,
              American Express, 
            Debit Cards, 
          Bank Checks, Cash, & once in awhile: A Goat