High Noon Indoor Gun Range is a family owned and operated business. 

Our goals are to provide a safe environment in which the novice, intermediate & skilled shooters can have opportunities to hone skills and acquire knowledge to achieve rewards of responsible gun ownership. We help by striving to meet customers' needs with quality products & services and offering these tools at reasonable & fair prices for customer's convienence.

 Take your responsibilities of being a gun owner seriously. Experience some of the rewards such as: 

1. Improvement of shooting skills 
2. Competition shooting 
3. Gaining confidence in personal protection.

Weekly discounted shoot nights such as: Tuesday Wounded Warriors Shoot for free and discounted gun rentals all week.Thursdays' Ladies Night with half price lane rentals ($7.50). Senior citizen,Military and Law Enforcement half off.

Hours of Operation


 10am - 8pm


 1pm - 7pm 
High Noon Indoor Gun Range is open to the public six days a week. 

about 20 miles NorthEast of downtown Houston.6 rifle lanes and 6 Pistol lanes. When not in use for long guns this bay of lanes will also be used for training/classes, competition events, qualifications, and other purposes.
We have a large selection of revolvers, pistols and soon rifles for rent at High Noon Gun Range.

But you must have enough experience and show how to properly and safely maintain the firearm before we go on the range to a High Noon Gun Range Employee.We have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel that would be a liability to themselves and others.

The cost to rent a revolver/pistol is $10.00. You can rent as many pistols as you would like. If you do rent a firearm from High Noon Gun Range, you must use ammunition purchased from High Noon Gun Range (no exceptions). Rental firearms will not leave the building and all rentals must be accompanied onto the range by an High Noon Gun Range RSO.All firearm rentals may not be available at all times. We do clean them on a regular basis and they do occasionally need to be repaired. If you have any questions regarding our firearm rental policies or our rental firearms, please feel free to contact us at
High Noon Gun Range has regularly scheduled Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Our classes are structured for your interest in having the knowledge and information to meet standards of Texas Department of Public Safety/CHL Licensing Bureau. Check our website, LED sign, media ads, call, or drop in to find out about latest class/event scheduling.
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