High Noon Indoor Gun Range is family owned/operated business. 
Our goals are to provide a safe environment in which the
 novice, intermediate & skilled shooters can hone skills and acquire knowledge in achieving rewards of responsible gun ownership.  We strive to meet customers' needs with quality products & services at reasonable & fair prices for customer's convienence.
Hours of Operation


 10am - 8pm

 1pm - 7pm 
Rental handguns available for $10.00 hr. 
  Only ammo purchased from High Noon is used in rental guns.
                            Handguns for rent
Springfield XDS 9mm,SpringfieldXDM 40. 4.5,Springfield 9mm Sub-Compact,Sig Sauer 226,Sig Sauer 238,Sig Sauer 938,Sig Sauer 229,Sig Tactical 1911,S&W 686 357.,S&W Shield 9mm & 40.,Beretta 92FS,Glock 17 9mm4,Glock 19 9mmGlock 22.40.,Glock 31 357.Sig,Kimber Covert 2 45.,Kimber Pro Carry,Kimber Ultra Carry.
Now renting rifles!!!!!
     1.)  AR15  5.56 Cal & 30ounds of ammo - $55.00
2.)  AR15 9 mm & 50 rounds of ammo - $40.00
**Plus range fees in renting these rifles **
  Note:     You must have enough experience and knowledge to be able to demonstrate  proper skills of safe gun handling  to range personnel  before  renting and going into the range  to shoot  firearm.                           
       We have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel  would be a  safety liability to themselves and or others.

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Current scheduling for CHL(Conceal Handgun License)   
 First Saturdays and          Third Saturdays 
each month starting at 7 am

   We ask people to please notify us before the class we would like 5 days notice prior to class.

   Brass ammo only is shot in the pistol range. 
   Steel or brass ammo is allowed to be shot in the rifle range.As a courtesy please sweep up after yourself.(Steel)